Alexander Byndyu product manager · IT trainer · consultant

Deep knowlege:
  • Change monolith architecture to microservces,
  • project code analisys, refactoring and development of legacy systems,
  • training for programmers and IT managers,
  • IT company consulting.

A founder of ByndyuSoft, blogger, organize .NETconf and moderate a Google group on the best IT practices.

Создаём IT-продукты на заказ

Мы делаем анализ IT-проекта или IT-продукта. За 5 лет мы создали продукты с топовыми e-commerce компаниями, ритейлом, банками и другими бизнесами.

Мы специализируемся на SaaS-решениях на архитектуре микросервисов.

Посмотрите, что говорят о нас клиенты и как комфортно мы стартуем проекты.

Для обсуждения проекта пишите на или звоните +7 (904) 305 5263

ByndyuSoft office

User Story Mapping в офисе

Конференции и мастер-классы

AgileDays 2016: Пять самых важных составляющих процесса выпуска продуктов

Для создания ПО мы выбрали эмпирический подход и почти отказались от детерминистского. Опыт показывает, что нельзя просто взять и описать большой продукт в ТЗ, а потом реализовать его по описанию. Жизнь оказывается всегда шире, чем наше представление о ней. С другой стороны, эмпирический подход отражает постоянное углубление нашего понимания предметной области, бизнеса заказчика и изменений на рынке по мере создания и совершенствования продукта.

Contribution to the community

Scrum Simulation with LEGO

Scrum Simulation with LEGO

.NET conference, 2014

.NET conference, 2014

Summer school for developers, 2015

Summer school for developers, 2015

Since 2009 a teacher in the universities: SUSU and CSU. My mission is to share my experince and knowlege with students as future professionals in IT sphere. The futher information about my teaching objectives and ways for teaching you can find below: Teaching IT students in univercities and IT education in univercities

Since 2010 a organizator of .NETconf conferences. This event is arranged two times a year. As an IT industry is changing fast so these conferences are important for experience sharing and involving a lot of people into a constant education.

In 2013 the summer school for developers based on ByndyuSoft was established. We invite students and teach them principles of architecture, process creating of Continuous Delivery and other best practices during 2 summer months.

Besides I conduct open lectures and master classes, make reports on IT conferences. I’m a member of the supervisory board in CSU. I consult the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Chelyabinsk region as well.


Videos and slides

Блог на русском и английском

Навыки и сертификаты

  • .NET
  • Test Driven Development
  • Design Patterns
  • OOP
  • Scrum
  • C#
  • Visual Studio
  • JavaScript
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Software Development
  • Program Management
  • LINQ
  • CSS
  • Public Speaking
  • WPF
  • Continuous Integration
  • Extreme Programming
  • Git
  • Subversion
  • Silverlight
  • Agile Project Management
  • Events
  • JSON
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MVC
  • XML
  • Web Development
  • jQuery
  • Entity Framework
  • Web Applications
  • Unit Testing
  • AJAX
  • WCF
  • DDD
  • IoC
  • Kanban
  • Lean Software Development

На основе
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Fresh from my Blog

Impact Mapping in practice: Part 2

In the first part we discussed basics of Impact Mapping. Now let’s look at a real life project and consider key ideas, tips and tricks, and missteps in Impact Mapping.

Our map starts from business objectives. In the project once we had one of the objectives was to increase a client satisfaction in 2 times. It is important to realize that Client Satisfaction is not a somebody subjective opinion but an index number from CRM.



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Request Information

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